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The Crunch POWER DRIVE is unlike any Crunch amplifier in the long history of "The Power of Music." The first thing you will notice is the size. These amps are big and they are big on purpose, because we incorporate QTD (Quick Thermal Dispersion) Technology which means the amplifiers have more aluminum that the normal amplifier. QTD assures that the POWER DRIVE amplifiers make huge power while running very cool with nearly undetectable distortions.

Several models of POWER DRIVE also utilize Pro Power. This unique Crunch feature utilizes double the output devices to deliver more power. Take a long look at the Pro Power models when designing a large system with full-range speakers as in a Mobile Pro configuration.

Crunch POWERDRIVE incorporates full Class A/B technology. This is all about the Power of great sound quality. Class A/B sounds better, but the PC boards require a bit more space than in other circuit topologies. With Crunch PD, you will have a large amp that makes big power and runs very cool; plus, it sounds like you would expect your music to sound with Class A/B sound quality circuits.

PD1000.4 Amplifier

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PD1000.4 Amplifier

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Part#: PD1000.4


Crunch POWER DRIVE 1000 watt four channel Pro Power car audio amplifier

Regular Price: $169.99

Special Price: $129.99



Crunch POWER DRIVE with QTD Technology delivers huge power in a cool running efficient heatsink. Features include built-in electronic crossovers and high-level inputs. 1000 watt four channel car audio amplifier

Category: Power Drive
SKU: 806576225065
Part #: PD1000.4

  • Class
    Class A/B
  • Variable Voltage
    .2 to 5V
  • Signal to Noise
  • Frequency Response
    20Hz - 20KHz
  • Crossover Type
    Variable Electronic 12dB Per Octave
  • Low Pass Crossover:
    12dB Per Octave:

  • Crossover Frequency Range
    CH1 & CH2

  • Crossover Frequency Range
    CH3 & CH4

  • Tone Control
    Built-in bass control
  • Bass Boost
    0 ~ 9dB
  • Subsonic Filter
  • Power Output @ 1 Ohm:
  • Power Output @ 2 Ohms:
    4 x 250W
  • Power Output @ 4 Ohms
    4 x 125W
  • Mono Bridged @ 4-Ohms
    2 x 500W
  • Total Channels
  • Audio Inputs:
    Unbalanced Inputs (RCA)
  • Audio Outputs:
    Line Output (RCA)
  • Power Terminal:

    8 ga
  • Speaker Terminal Wire Gauge
    12 ga
  • Fusing
    40A x 2
  • Dimensions
    14.2 x 11.5 x 3.8 in
    36.0 x 29.2 x 9.6 cm
  • Weight
    6.25 lbs (2.84 kg)

Features & Benefits
  • Pre-Amp Circuitry Low Noise PreAmplifier
    Maximum low voltage signal from the source unit comes into the amplifier through a low voltage circuit which delivers minimal distortion through the amplification process
  • Inputs Low voltage RCA Inputs
    Highest sound quality connection with quality RCA materials helps prevent interference and minimize distortion in the signal path
  • High Level Inputs Yes
    Easily tie into OEM audio systems that do not offer RCA output to maximize after market amplifier power
  • Operation Mode 4
    Four Channel Stereo, Dual Stereo Bridged, Stereo + Bridged Mono, Dual Bridged Mono
  • Crossover / Signal Shaping Versa-Cross Electronic Crossover
    Fully Adjustable 12dB Crossovers
  • Equalizer Electronic
    Fully Adjustable 12dB Crossovers
  • Class / Topology Class A/B
    High sound quality circuit that allows POWER DRIVE to develop high levels of power with minimal distortion
  • Output Devices Technology SPEED-FET
    Exclusive Crunch SPEED-FET MOSFET components maximize power efficiency while improving sound quality and minimizing distortion
  • Heat Sink QTD Technology Aluminum
    Quick Thermal Dispersion Technology assures additional mass in the aluminum heat sink keeps the amplifier running cool with nearly undetectable distortions during normal music listening.
  • Power Supply PWM Power Supply
    High energy Pulse Width Modulated Power Supply delivers power with minimal impact on the electrical system
  • Output Connections Nickel Plated
    Nickel Plated Brass Connection with terminals allow for secure connection while resisting corrosion
  • Connections Type Screw Down Connectors
    Easy access for hand tool allowing a quick and secure connection
  • Signal Pass Through YES - Full Range
    Allows additional amplifiers to be run from the "output" RCA connections which will minimize the need for additional cables running the length of the vehicle. This can dramatically minimize noise.
  • Diagnostics LED System Protection Circuitry
    Monitor overload and speaker short protection with lighted indicators on the amplifier end panel

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