Add more bass to a factory audio system. Here, we have added a POWER DRIVE PD-1500.2 amplifier, bridged to mono and mounted on an enclosure with a 12 inch V-Drive subwoofer the customer already owned.

First obvious question, why not use a mono amplifier that is designed for the purpose of driving a subwoofer?

The answer is speed of installation. Using the PD-1500.2 allows the signal to be tapped off the back speakers wires and run into the High Level input on the amplifier. Brilliant.

The big boy mono amplifiers, don’t use High Level input. While this would absolutely deliver more power, it would also add time and expense to the installation. Imagine if this is a leased car, and you need to be very careful about adding after market equipment – this is the perfect solution.

Here’s some details that can help anyone putting a subwoofer system in a car. Remember that amps get hot and they need cooling. Never just bolt and amplifier to carpet or trunk liner. Notice this amplifier is using standoffs to pus a little space between the enclosure and the amplifier.

Also, cables are very clean. No rats next here. RCA, Power, ground, turn-on, etc are run under the amplifier and into the folding seat mechanism. Not only does this keep the install clean, it prevents induced noise from getting into the system.

If you need more bass, Crunch Car Audio has that solution too. A powered bass system, with either 1000 watts in a Dual 12 inch system or a Dual 10 inch system with 800 watts. The CR Lineof Powered Subwoofer even have the High Level input we spoke of, so installation stays fairly simple, perfect for a rental or lease.

This is the Dual 12 inch system in an SUV. Super clean with all the cables out of sight.