Thank the Crunch Dude, that putting great music in a car is not as difficult as all this… come on!!! We need this stuff to be easy – REAL EASY.

At the Crunch Car Audio design and technology center, we have fine tuned the steps to system design and upgrading so that you can do it all at once or step by step. Just follow these guidelines and you will be sure that every upgrade and purchase dramatically improves your audio system and delivers The POWER of MUSIC!


The factory that designed your car, had a lot to plan for. Great audio was not one of those priorities. The typical factory system lacks in two serious ways. Volume and Bass. So, solution #1, is always fix the base. Depending on your budget, you can fix it with a drop in subwoofer and amp combo package, like the Dual 10  or Dual 12 inch powered systems, or ad a subwoofer with an amplifier for even more power and customization.

Here is a shot of a 1000 watt Dual 12 inch Subwoofer system installed in a medium sized SUV. The smaller of the two, the Dual 10 subwoofer delivers 800 watts and will even fit in smaller hatchbacks – or perhaps your work truck.

This is a POWER DRIVE PD1500.1 powering a single 12 inch Crunch Subwoofer.


Every system can be improved by upgraded speakers. Those factory speakers are junk. You can hear it, and the car makers know it. Like we discussed above, The POWER of MUSIC is not the priority at the car and truck factory.  

Or, your speakers might just be old and cracked, regardless Crunch speakers will make your system sound great. Check out our Music Room Blog for a great article on upgrading your speakers with Crunch Car Audio


Adding an amplifier to power all the speakers and another amplifier to power all the subwoofers will make your music jump from the car.

This is a classic Bi-Amp system done by our killer Crunch dealer partners, 201 Motoring in Jersey City, NJ. You can see here, just before the wiring is covered, that a pair POWER ZONE amplifiers are used – one for the subwoofer, one for the speaker configuration in the car. If you are in the Tri-State area, get into see the team at 201 Motoring and tell them, you’re there for – The POWER of MUSIC.