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Slammin' Crunch Car Audio Dual 12 Inch Installation
1/12/18 8:48 AM  |  Crunch General News
Jeep Cherokee gets a slamming upgrade with a 1000 watt dual 12 inch powered subwoofers
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Powered 8 inch under seat subwoofer
1/10/18 8:54 AM
Previewed at the SEMA Show Crunch introduced an 8 inch subwoofer with 450 watt amplifier and full sound contouring equalization

Crunch is RED HOT and BACK better than ever at SEMA 2017
10/30/17 1:57 PM  |  Crunch General News

Crunch car audio amplifiers and subs have a reputation of great sound quality at an affordable price with bullet proof reliability. This year at the SEMA Showcase, Crunch is previewing the 2018 line of POWERZONE (PZ) amplifiers, GTRii amplifiers, and an incredibly compact subwoofer!

8/21/16 9:01 PM  |  Crunch General News
The new POWER DRIVE amplifiers, now with QTD Technology delivers a simple formula. Power X Music = POWER
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Crunch Car Audio System Design
8/15/16 8:14 AM  |  Crunch General News
System design with Crunch Car Audio is not difficult and in fact can be laid out in 3 easy steps
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Crunch amp and subwoofer upgrade to factory system
8/14/16 9:46 PM  |  Crunch General News
Upgrading the factory audio system is easy with a Crunch Car Audio amplifier and subwoofer
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Tundra gets Crunch full range speaker upgrade
8/11/16 9:46 PM  |  Crunch General News

Crunch CS Full Range Speakers solve the horrible sound of cheap factory speakers in this Tundra or any car or truck

Crunch Bluetooth Screamers
7/31/15 9:48 PM  |  Crunch General News
Crunch delivers great music, on the go, with your choice of THE BRICK and THE GRIP portable Bluetooth speakers

New POWERZONE Amplifiers from Crunch
1/18/15 8:48 PM  |  Crunch General News
Crunch POWERZONE amplifiers offer a full line up of two and four channel amplifiers, including 3 big mono blocks

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