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8/21/16 9:01 PM  |  Crunch General News

Crunch Car Audio Power Drive Amplifiers

The Crunch POWER DRIVE is unlike any Crunch amplifier in the long history of The POWER of MUSIC. The first thing you will notice is the size. These amps are big. The are big on purpose because we have incorporated our new QTD (Quick Thermal Dispersion) Technology which means the amplifiers have more aluminum that a normal amplifier. 

Crunch Car Audio Power Drive Amplifiers

QTD assures that the POWER DRIVE amplifiers make huge power while running very cool with nearly undetectable distortions. QTD Technology plus the Class D amplifier topology allows the big power of the PD3000.1D to make huge power and remain cool. 

Several models of POWER DRIVE also utilize Pro Power. This unique Crunch feature utilizes double the output devices to deliver more power. Take a long look at the Pro Power models when designing a large system with full range speakers as in a Mobile Pro configuration. 

Crunch POWER DRIVE incorporates full Class A/B technology. This is all about the Power of great sound quality. Class A/B sounds better, but the PC boards require a bit more space that in other circuit topologies. With Crunch PD, you will have a large amp that makes big power and runs very cool plus it sounds like you would expect your music to sound with Class A/B sound quality circuits. 

Crunch Car Audio Power Drive Amplifiers

Also incorporated into Crunch POWER DRIVE amplifiers are the Vera-Cross, electronic crossover systems. Two and Four Channel amplifiers have high pass and low pass adjustments to allow assigning specific frequencies to specific channels in the amplifier, that in turn can drive full range speakers, component speakers and subwoofer systems. POWER DRIVE is a great way to start designing a high end audio system without breaking the bank.  

The new POWER DRIVE amplifiers feature:

QTD Technology 

Quick Thermal Dispersion assures additional mass in the aluminum heat sink keeps the amplifier running cool with nearly undetectable distortions during normal music listening.

INPUTS Low voltage RCA Inputs 

Highest sound quality connection with quality RCA materials helps prevent interference and minimize distortion in the signal path


Easily tie into OEM audio systems that do not offer RCA output to maximize after market amplifier power

DIAGNOSTICS LED System Protection Circuitry 

Monitors overload and speaker short protection with lighted indicators on the amplifier end panel


Exclusive Crunch SPEED-FET MOSFET components are doubled up in Pro Power models to deliver more power. Pro Power designs are critical when running large full range speakers as in a Mobile Pro system set up.


The Carbon Fiber look may not make the heatsink any stronger, but it does give POWER DRIVE amplifiers a very unique look. 

Crunch Car Audio Power Drive Amplifiers


The Crunch POWER DRIVE line does not mess around. The POWER of MUSIC is all about the POWER!! You need mono amplifiers to get that kind of power and POWER DRIVE delivers it in 3 different models. Two of them are Class A/B design, with the biggest amp, the PD3000.1D designed with a high efficiency Class D design, powering out 3000 watts.  

Wikipedia editors explain “Class D” as: 

A class-D amplifier or switching amplifier is an electronic amplifier in which the amplifying devices (transistors, usually MOSFETs) operate as electronic switches, and not as linear gain devices as in other amplifiers.

The definintion for Class D to a Crunch amplifier, simply huge power that is very reliable.    

Crunch Car Audio Power Drive Amplifiers

The PD3000.1D is also ohm stable with makes system design with a wide variety of subwoofers and subwoofer systems very versatile. Here you can see a nicely trimmed out POWER DRIVE amplifier on a Crunch V-Drive subwoofer. The POWER of MUSIC is nice and clean in this ride. 

Crunch Car Audio Power Drive Amplifier and subwoofer

Bass Remote  

Mono Blocks and PD4000.4 Include a Remote Bass Control

Check out the full line up of Crunch POWER DRIVE amplifiers and get busy designing your system with The POWER of MUSIC!  

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