Crunch is on fire with the custom builders. Look at this perfect solution previewed at the SEMA Show. An 8 inch subwoofer, 450 watt amplifier and full sound contouring equalization and subwoofer frequency boost with a bass remote to mount in the dash.

The entire unit can slip under a seat or bolt on the back wall in a truck like this stunning Ford Rat Rod machine featured at SEMA.

The Crunch CR-8A Low Profile Powered Automotive Subwoofer is the perfect solution when a large subwoofer enclosure is just not an option.

The Crunch CR-8A is a compact solution for getting sub bass frequencies in a car, truck or van. Put the 400 watts under the seat or behind the driver on an interior wall. The amplifier is packed with features that allow simple integration with any car audio system, weather you are using RCA (low level) or speaker level (high level) inputs. As shown in the included manual, the connections are easy for the DIY installer or even the automotive performance specialist that has minimal experience with audio installation.  



The internal amplifier includes QTD (Quick Thermal Dispersion) Technology which puts more aluminum on the heatsink than a normal amplifier. QTD assures the amplifier makes huge power while running very cool with nearly undetectable musical distortions.

Additionally, there are crossover adjustments and a bass remote included.

When the subwoofer is solved, the next most important upgrade to any day-to-day audio system or even a car show level upgrade is speakers. Whether an OEM upgrade is required like a 3.5 inch full range 2-way, a 6×9 inch or a high end 2-way component system with external 12dB crossovers, make the full line of Crunch Speakers the next stop in your system design.