At the Crunch headquarters, our team knows that sometimes you need The Power of Music in your car and you need it RIGHT NOW! No system designs, no messing around with a calculator to figure out impedance and amplifier output voltage.

Crunch has perfect solutions – The Powered Bass Packages. All you need to know is how much space you can give to a subwoofer solution.


When The Power of Music needs to be more, bigger, better, louder, the CR-212A is perfect with dual 12 inch subwoofers in a heavily reinforced sealed enclosure and a 1000 watt amplifier. You can see that everything you need to install the enclosure is included and the connections and adjustments are simple to understand.



The Jeep Cherokee featured in the picture was installed by a CPA who received his new bass package from his family as a “congrats” on getting his creds. Perfect for the DIY installer.


In case you missed it, the Dual 12 inch subwoofer system features a nice upholstered detail of the Crunch logo in the top of the enclosure. See all the specs and dimension of the system on the CR-212A page.


The next most important upgrade to any day-to-day audio system or even a car show level upgrade is speakers. Whether an OEM upgrade is required like a 3.5 inch full range 2-way, a 6×9 inch or a high end 2-way component system with external 12dB crossovers, make the full line of Crunch Speakers the next stop in your system design.