We all know the truth about the original factory speakers, or OEM speakers, that come with our cars. They suck.

The car makers know it, your mechanic knows it and anyone that loves the Power Of Music knows it!! The factories just pray that we never pull off a panel to see what they give us for the $400+ “basic” speaker system, like in this Crunch customer’s truck.


This is “supposed” to be a component mid range/woofer. Looks more like a Wurlitzer speaker from my grandpa’s old console TV, Record player, speaker combo. Gross!

Look familiar?

The tweeters revealed in the stock locations are just as bad. Nothing to compare that junk to as even Wurlitzer or Zenith had better sound quality that thing could do.

When we put a new Crunch Component System in the Tundra, we were shocked to see the horrible whizzer cone shown above (also called a “dual cone”) speaker. Dual CONE.. not 2-way or coax, but two pieces of paper.. Terrible. So, our music man Chad at Elite Car Audio fixed it. Crunch CS65C components with some customized mountings and some Crunch Car Audio full range coax (2-ways) in the rear.

Custom Tweeter Mount Oversized 6×9” plate for 6.5” mid (component) in front doors Oversized 6.75” plate for 6.5” coaxial in rear doors Final result had much better response in the midrange (vocal) area over the factory.

Tweeters are now nice and bright at 0 and –3dB firing off the windshield but the –6db setting on the crossover was very nice and gave the right level for the tweeters to blend with the mids.


Crunch components fill up the front of the vehicle with clear highs in the top of the dash and full midrange and bass in the doors.

All Crunch Full Range speakers are made from rigid Anti-Resonant Stamped Steel Basket which are very strong with minimal harmonics or distortions from flex or ringing. This design also makes them thin enough to fit in nearly every door.


Ok, the 6×9 might be big for a door, but there is even a special shallow model 6.5 inch speaker for the more tricky installations.

The coaxial (2-way) full range speakers are available in several sizes, utilizing the Neo-Mylar Soft Dome tweeter for clear highs while handling plenty of power without sounding harsh. Plus a Silver Alpha-Cellulose Poly Cone that produces musical midrange and bass tones while remaining lightweight.

Make sure to check out the full range of Crunch CS speakers, from 3.5 inch up to 6×9 3 way. Don’t settle for OEM – demand THE POWER OF MUSIC from Crunch Car Audio.