Bringing out more from audio.

That’s The Power of Music.

Crunch has created ground-pounding sound in the mobile audio industry for over three decades. Being a part of the Maxxsonics family since 2001, Crunch offers a wide variety of products ranging in features, price, and power to fit into any system design. Powering music across all platforms while breathing new life and fresh sound into songs – Crunch takes listening to new heights of clarity, loudness, and POWER.

Audio has a voice – to hear the best demands products and solutions that Crunch showcases. From durable amplifiers that push music to new boundaries of performance to subwoofers that elevate bass game and speakers that immerse loudness with undistorted playback – Crunch has the solution that your audio demands.

Owned by Maxxsonics, based near Chicago, IL, Crunch stands for immense power that pulls any listener into every song. Bringing out the best that audio has to offer – music should become fueled with earthshaking performance that feeds goosebumps into every jam session — That’s what Crunch promises to deliver through every genre of music.

Transform your listening through power that feeds off adrenaline.

Crunch is The Power of Music.